Effective on January 5, 2016
Revised on February 28, 2017
Revised on November 1, 2022

Section I: General Provisions

1. Purpose
The purpose of this policy is to allow FAN Communications, Inc. (hereinafter “the Company”) to acquire information on the websites, applications (hereinafter “apps”), and other behavior history (regardless of the devices involved in browsing or using the Internet) of Internet users (hereinafter “users”), and, with regard to behavioral targeting advertising that uses said information to display advertising, to gain the correct understanding of users and advertisers and allow users to make use of Internet advertising with peace of mind.
2. Scope of Applicability
  • (1) This policy applies to services operated by the Company.
  • (2) This policy addresses advertising in the Internet advertising business, and does not apply to distribution businesses for content other than advertising, such as recommendations.
  • (3) With respect to behavioral targeting advertising, the Company, when having acquired personal information as provided for in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, will handle the information in accordance with the “Privacy Policy” established by the Company. The URL of the “Privacy Policy” is as follows:

  • (4) Unless otherwise stipulated in this policy, the definitions of terms used in this policy will follow the Behavioral Targeting Advertising Guidelines (hereinafter “the Guidelines”) established by the Japan Interactive Advertising Association (hereinafter “JIAA”).
3. Definitions
The definitions of the terms in the following numbered items will be as stipulated in each item.
  • (1) Behavioral history information
    This refers to information such as website browsing history and purchase history on electronic commerce sites, which can be accumulated for use in the analysis of users’ interests and preferences.
  • (2) Behavioral targeting advertising
    This refers to a service, associated with the collection of behavioral history information, that analyzes users’ interests and preferences from behavior history information to categorize users into clusters, and, for each cluster, to segregate Internet advertising.

Section 2: Handling of Behavior History Information

4. Notifications
The Company provides for the “Notifications” provided for in the Guidelines as follows.
  • (1) Confirmation of acquisition
    The Company acquires behavior history information and engages in behavioral targeting advertising when users browse websites or apps that implement the services that the Company operates.
  • (2) Name of the business operator that acquires the information
    FAN Communications, Inc.
  • (3) Examples of acquired behavior history information
    Cookie information, pages browsed (URLs and time), ad displays and click history, IP address, and other behavior history information which cannot be used to identify individuals
  • (4) Acquisition method
    Behavior history information is temporarily created and acquired when transactions take place between servers and web browsers or apps.
  • (5) Purposes of use
    ・Regional targeting advertising: Segregation of advertising by region
    ・Behavioral targeting advertising: Segregation of advertising according to interests and concerns
    ・Advertising distribution reports: Number of ad displays and number of clicks
    ・Optimization of adveattatrtising distribution: Segregation of advertising according to usage environment and conditions
  • (6) Retention period
    Maximum 2 years
  • (7) Opt-out procedures or other available user involvement methods
    The Company provides opt-out procedures via the method indicated in the following Article.
5. Opting Out
A user who does not wish for the display of behavioral targeting advertising can suspend the display of behavioral targeting advertising for services that the Company operates by opting out. Opting out requires following the procedures shown on the page below. (“nend” is name of service operated by the Company.)
6. Behavioral Targeting Advertising Guidelines
As a JIAA member firm, our company complies with these Guidelines.
7. Acquisition through Fair Means
The Company will acquire behavior history information fairly, in accordance with the internal rules of the Company.
8. Appropriate Safety Management
Advertising providers will enact and maintain appropriate safety management measures concerning behavioral targeting information, in accordance with the internal rules of the Company. The acquired information will be used only for advertising distribution and will not be provided or disclosed to third parties without the consent of users. However, behavior history information acquired through specified services of the Company may be used by other services of the Company.
9. URL of the Guidelines
The URL of the Guidelines is as follows. http://www.jiaa.org/download/JIAA_BTAguideline.pdf
10. Inquiries
The contact desk for claims and questions concerning the handling of behavior history information is as follows.
Personal Information, etc. Complaints and Advice Desk
FAN Communications, Inc.
Contact desk for personal information claims and consultation
Aoyama Diamond Building 2F, 1-1-8 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002

Section 3: Other

11. Revision of These Policies
These policies may be revised as necessary in accordance with changes in the environment, including changes in social conditions, public awareness and technical trends.