Our company develops and operates its own ad network (a system that distributes and manages advertising through Internet content, such as websites and apps) and an advertising distribution management tool (a system that optimizes the cost-effectiveness of Internet advertising). These systems are used by advertisers and media, both inside and outside Japan. This is how we have grown.

Since our founding in 1999, our strength has been providing an end-to-end performance marketing advertising service that insists on effective advertising. With our unforgiving income model, if an advertiser doesn’t reach their marketing target, our company doesn’t get any sales, either. This income model ensures that all areas of our business, the operation of our services, sales, development, and even the organization itself, are thoroughly customer oriented.

From very early on we focused on using the newest media of the age such as blogs, SNS and other media. We have been working on using advertising media that is created by the individual, who is both a consumer and an information propagator. We are convinced that this direct network that we have built-up with consumers will become a strong force in the e-commerce economy that is expected to grow further.

We will continue to use our strength as a market leader and, by using the data and know-how we have accumulated, continue to evolve and work to be an Internet advertising company that is effective not only in Japan, but also world-wide.

We will work to increase our corporate value to satisfy our shareholders. We ask for your continued support.

Yasuyoshi Yanagisawa, President