Since its establishment, FAN Communications inc. has grown based on performance-based advertising under the vision of “Prosumer Happiness”. We have supported numerous clients by creating value through our interplay of seemingly contradictory marketing goals: “maximizing cost effectiveness” for advertisers and “maximizing revenue” for media.

Our performance-based revenue model is a stock-type model that results in an accumulation of both the value we can provide to our clients and our own sales, which is one of our strengths.The Internet is evolving at a rapid pace, but our core business,, is still a service with high growth potential because it captures the intrinsic value that customers seek.

We are positioning 2024 as the first year of our second founding phase.
We will expand our support for attracting customers through affiliate marketing, our founding business, and start providing Internet marketing solutions needed by customers outside of the ad network business based on the assets we have. We will provide services that are “easier” and “more effective” for our clients and prosumers who are managing the increasingly complex and diverse Internet marketing, by applying the expertise we have accumulated.

Our goal for both existing and new services is to provide value to customers in a customer-oriented manner and to continue to do so.We believe that maximizing the value we provide to our customers will lead to increased corporate value that will satisfy our shareholders. We ask for your continued support.

Koji Ninomiya, President