2015/05/29 F@N

‘nex8’ DSP Launches New Re-engagement Offer

nex8, one of F@N Communications, Inc.’s services is proud to announce that re-engagement offer is launched, covering both iOS and Android.
Thanks to the implementation of the new AdID re-engagement offer, advertisers can now re-engage users and expand their target audience across all OS’s.

■What is Re-engagement?
Re-engagement is targeting users who previously installed and/or who have been inactive for a period of time. Better quality, LTV and engagement are achieved through this.

nex8 has been actively improving campaign performance using targeting for iOS users using IDFA since 2014. By using AdID, nex8 now expands this tool to re-engagement as well.

■What is nex8?
nex8 is a RTB platform that has a variety of methods for web and app promotion.
Competitive and effective, advertisers target the right audience at the right price.
It is amongst others, connected to one of the largest Japanese smartphone ad networks- nend, with over 62 Billion impressions a month. It will continue to expand to and connect to more SSPs in the future.

■ About F@N Communications, Inc.
F@N Communications is an online advertising agency which runs multiple ad networks in Japan including; A8 (one of the largest affiliate networks), moba8, nend (one of the largest mobile ad networks) and adcrops.