2012/09/06 GLOBAL

AdJapon Partners with Oeya to Expand International campaigns Available to Clients

AdJapon, a Japan based performance marketing company, has partnered with Oeya Digital technology Co., Ltd, a Taiwan based affiliate service provider, to mutually utilize each other’s ad networks to expand international offers to clients.
On March 2012 F@N communication, Inc., one of Japan’s largest Affiliate service providers, sets up a subsidiary called AdJapon to advance oversea market.
Moving forward, clients from F@N will distribute the advertisements on Oeya’s network for their oversea promotion, and clients from Oeya will distribute the advertisements on the ad network owned by F@N communications for the promotion in Japan.
F@N communication keeps expanding its business in oversea marketing.

■About Oeya Digital technology Co., Ltd
Oeya Digital Technology Co., Ltd, one of Taiwan’s largest affiliate service providers, distributes advertisements mainly in Taiwan and China

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