2015/03/17 GLOBAL

Global SSP “medi8” starts traffic buying from “ReachJunction International”

Tokyo (March 17h, 2015) – F@N Communications, Inc.’s (2461: Tokyo Stock Exchange) subsidiary Ad Japon, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) has officially partnered with “ReachJunction International Limited“ for traffic buying in their global online SSP called medi8 “medi-ate”.

It enables ReachJunction’s publishers to maximize traffic profitability with medi8’s ad sources, coming from F@N Communications, Inc.’s ad platforms and other global DSPs.

On the other hand, F@N Communications, Inc.’s advertisers can reach ReachJunction’s traffic that consists over 10 billion monthly global impressions (as of March 2015), which is expected to increase the campaign efficiency.

With their vast overseas experience and global partnerships, Ad Japon, Inc. will continue to support and monetize for their global publishers through medi8 .

■ About medi8 https://medi-8.net
medi8 is a global SSP for overseas publishers that supports RTB on multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs). Already integrated with over 22 Japanese and global DSPs, digital publishers can also take advantage of ad inventories from F@N Communications’ largest ad platforms in Japan.

■ About Ad Japon, Inc. http://adjapon.com/en/
Ad Japon, Inc. is a subsidiary of F@N Communications, Inc. It serves as an ad agency and service provider for oversea advertising and monetization. With the official release of medi8, Ad Japon will expand its reach to its already vast amount of global online publishers, further contributing to F@N Communications’ growing international presence.

■ About ReachJunction International Limited http://www.reachjunction.com/
ReachJunction International Limited is a pioneer in the creative industry that provide a wide range of advertising , revenue optimization and content creation service to a substantial and diversified client base that include Inc 500 , SME, non-profit organization and finance institutions Founded in 2008 , their firm is headquartered in Hong Kong , maintaining the operation center and development center in Guangzhou.

■ About F@N Communications, Inc.
F@N Communications is an online advertising agency which runs multiple ad networks in Japan including; A8 (one of the largest affiliate networks), moba8, nend (one of the largest mobile ad networks) and adcrops. F@N Communications was recently selected by Forbes Asia “Top 200 Under A Billion Companies”.

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