2012/11/29 GLOBAL

AdJapon Agency Agreement with myThings to Handle CPA based Personalized Advertisements called [myThings]

AdJapon, a Japan based performance marketing company, has been in agency agreement with myThings, a UK based second largest retargeting company in Europe, to handle CPA (Cost per Action) based Personalized Advertisements called [myThings].
On March 2012 F@N communication, Inc., one of Japan’s largest Affiliate service providers, sets up a subsidiary called AdJapon to advance oversea market.
Moving forward, Adjapon will be a window of clients from F@N for their oversea promotion to distribute the advertisements on myThings’s personalized ads by various rates as CPA, CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost per Mille).
F@N communication keeps expanding its business in oversea marketing as the leading performance marketing company.

■About myThings

myThings, the second largest retargeting company in Europe, serves 1 billion+ monthly impressions and 8 million+ conversions in total on more than 15 markets in the world.
Their system automatically selects in the real time the best products offering and banner contents which determine the most relevant contents based on every user’s web browsing then serves on 12 leading RTB exchanges such as OpenX.
They offer solutions around CPA- data analysis, optimization and campaign management to read the best results for advertisers.

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