2012/10/31 GLOBAL

AdJapon Extendeds Reach for Japanese Clients with BuzzCity

AdJapon, a subsidiary of F@N communications, Japan’s largest ad network, announced today a partnership with BuzzCity, the global mobile media company, to extend the reach of Japanese advertisers into mobile markets globally.

AdJapon will utilise BuzzCity’s complete suite of mobile display advertising offering for its clients’ campaigns to reach consumers in South East Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

Working closely with AdJapon, BuzzCity will assist in simplifying workflow and processes for Japanese advertisers, enabling more effective media buying across international markets. As a platform and handset agnostic network, BuzzCity is the ideal partner to lead Japanese brands and agencies into the global market.

AdJapon, a subsidiary of performance marketing company F@N Communications, Inc., was established in March 2012 to advance growth in international markets. The continued expansion of the BuzzCity ad network ensures it is well placed to serve the international needs of Japanese advertisers as BuzzCity delivers ads to consumers in the United States, Asia, Africa, Western Europe and Middle East. The rapid growth of the BuzzCity network in 2012 has already outpaced growth in 2011 and the network has delivered more than 150 billion banner advertisements so far this year.

■About BuzzCity

BuzzCity is a mobile media company offering brand owners and agencies access to a global advertising network on the mobile internet. The network is made up of publishers from across the world and BuzzCity’s own mobile media properties. As a leading international player, BuzzCity has developed in-depth knowledge of the mobile consumer and provides marketers with clear opportunities to reach this audience via its advertising and publisher programmes

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