2015/01/09 nend

Mobile Ad Network “nend” begins integration with App Annie

Internet advertising company F@N Communications (Tokyo, Shibuya, President Yasuyoshi Yanagisawa, Tokyo Stock Exchange 2461), which runs one of the largest mobile ad networks in Japan called “nend” (http://nend.net/en) will integrate its revenue report with App Annie starting in January of 2015.

Worldwide publishers who use App Annie can now manage its revenue report under one dashboard along with other overseas major ad platforms under App Annie. This can also work as an effective promotional tool for F@N Communications, which can introduce publishers that still haven’t registered with nend.

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Interview with F@N Communications’ Director of nend, Koji Ninomiya (App Annie Blog)

F@N Communications continues to expand its business overseas as it is starting to provide its top quality services to international advertisers and publishers.

■ About App Annie
App Annie is an Analytics company that provides data in from the smartphone app market.

■ About mobile ad network “nend”
With over 60 billion monthly impressions, nend is one of the largest mobile ad networks in Japan. All publishers are disclosed, so advertisers can bid per publisher and be able to promote efficiently. Along with publisher transparency, nend’s system optimizes automatically so it can provide the best results for advertisers.