2015/07/02 nend

Smartphone Ad-Network ‘nend’, Providing Advertisers the Option to Target International users and Tourists in Japan

Internet advertising development company F@N Communications, Inc. (Tokyo, Shibuya, President Yasuyoshi Yanagisawa, Tokyo Stock Exchange 2461), manages Japan’s largest smartphone performance network nend. <http://nend.net/en>. nend has developed a function to target tourists and international visitors who travel in Japan by their IP address(*1).

Starting July 2nd, 2015, through nend’s advertising platform, advertisers can target users within not only Taiwan and Hong Kong but also, eastern Asian users with specific advertisements targeted to Japanese visitors within each country. nend also can target by IP address and the user’s locale (*2).

To become more aggressive in the global smartphone market, nend’s dashboard will now be available in Traditional Chinese and English for all of nend’s publishers. nend’s future objectives are not only to develop publishing services for Japan but also for the entire global internet and mobile marketing space.

The future for nend, aiming to become a global leader in the world of advertising, is aiming to develop high monetizing ads for publishers around the globe. nend will continue to offer a premium platform to maximize revenue as well as continue to improve their services.

■The following Country’s users can be targeted by IP Address:
Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan
*Additional Countries will be added as demand increases

■The following Country’s users can also be targeted by their locale settings:
English, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese
*Additional Languages will be added as demand increases

*1)IP Address: a number used to identify a single electronic device that uses internet protocol for identification
*2)Locale:The language a user applies within their device

■About ‘nend’
“nend” a smartphone network accessed through apps and web-sites, it is a service that automatically delivers the high quality advertising. Advertisements can be displayed by installing nend’s SDK or by JavaScript tags.

■About F@N Communications
F@N Communications (http//:www.fancs.com/) is Japan’s largest pay-per-action Ad-Network business. Affiliate Service ’A8.net’・’Moba8.net’, operates the smartphone ad-network ‘nend’ a cost-effective advertising promotional service.

For Inquiries within Japan https://www.nend.net/inquiries/form/
For Inquiries outside of Japan https://www.nend.net/en/req_advertisers/form